Special Column: Lolita in Russia 

Lolita in Russia

Once I was asked:
Lolita is a part of cosplay or not? It is first time I thought about it. I like this style a long time ago and there is a community of lolitas in the Far East in my city. And on our behalf I tried to find out the opinion of all those present.
Unfortunately, not all Lolites could come, nevertheless we had fun and I learned everything that interested me.

1. Dante

I got acquainted with the Lolita style from 2012, I accidentally saw a photo of Japanese Lolita on the Internet, I liked it, decided to find out what it is, realized that it was very close to me. Some consider the Lolita style as part of cosplay.

And I believe that this is fundamentally not the right opinion, this is a separate independent direction of Japanese street fashion, with its traditions.

2. Isis Blue Fire

I have been fond of this style for already 7 years. At first I got interested in photos of girls in beautiful dresses, then I began to search more information about the style, different directions and canons in clothes.

Then I selected for myself the most liked decided to assemble on my own outfit.
Most of all I like the styles of classic, country, gothic, odzhi and narrower directions like steampunk, cosplay (images that were inspired by certain characters of books, movies, manga, anime, games, etc.), fairy kei, dolly kei, pastel goth , mori. I want to try to collect outfits in the style of mori and fairy kei. From brands like mostly small indie brands haenuli (dreamdress print with stained glass), dear seline (on me just shorts from the Invented Wings Knight set).

Despite the fact that my hobby cosplay and I have quite a lot in the style of cosplay lolita, I still think lolita is more style, not cosplay. In everyday life, I wear some elements of the classic outfits, summer dresses in the style of otome and do not consider it cosplay.

3. Schwarz Fee

I started to get involved in the style of lolita since 2005. I listened to Malice Mizer. I was interested in different street fashion and informal flow in Japan. Lolita – this is not part of cosplay. This is clothing that gives a feast to those who dress it and those around them. It’s beautiful clothes. There is nothing to win back is not necessary.

4. Nemuri no Mori

In style just recently, but I can not say that a beginner who does not know anything about style) by fashion in general and Japanese fashion in particular I have been interested in for many years, I love insufferable clothes, recently I sew a lot myself. I’m closer to the mori style, from it I came to Lolita. Lolita is more popular with us, I think. And sometimes I wanted nice lamp meetings, combined with the walking of interesting outfits)) lolitic mites are suitable for this as well as possible. Lolita can hardly be called a cosplay. For me it’s just a style of clothes. Not a philosophy of life, not a subculture, not cosplay or anything. Just clothes. Beautiful clothes ^^


I got carried away with this style somewhere from 2010, but I started attending to Loly Meet and dressing in this style from 2013. Some people consider the Lolita style to be part of cosplay. I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that lolita is a style of clothes, but I’m a cosplayer and often I choose characters who have such a style of dress, then I get that lolita turns into cosplay. Although I try to come to meetings simply in the style of Lolita, without associating it with cosplay.

After visiting Loly Meet, chatting with all the girls and knowing their opinion, I realized that basically everyone is of the opinion that lolita is still a fashion style. It’s a style that we all really like. And what do you think?

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