Tag ranking page redesigned! / タグランキングページ更新しました


Today, we have introduced a new look on the tag ranking page! Now you can see up to five photos for each tag on the ranking!
Visit the new tag ranking page now! → http://worldcosplay.net/ranking/tag


We found that many of you have been tagging a title or character name for photos. However, we recommend you to use tages for a bit different way!

For example, you could tag the name of an event or convention where the photo was taken; JapanExpo, AnimeExpo, SakuraCon, etc….
Or, if you did a photoshoot somewhere out, tags could be; church, castle, school, sea, mountain, etc…
Moreover, you could tag the name of a city where the photo was taken (Paris, Bangkok…) , or the color taste (green, pink, white…) or anything you can come up with!
But we recommend you not to tag a character name or title since such information is already included in the photo.

Let’s create fun tags and find wonderful cosplay photos!
We are also going to start offering “common theme tag” so people can upload a photo with our suggested tag and enjoy photos of the theme.

*When you want to use several tags, please put commas (,) between tags.


新しいタグランキングページを今すぐチェックしてみてください→ http://worldcosplay.net/ranking/tag



例えば、写真が撮影されたイベント名をタグするのはいかがでしょうか? コミケ, ワンフェス, コスプレフェスタ, etc….
また、もし特別な場所や屋外で撮影を行われた場合は、タグとして 教会, 城, 学校, 海, 山 などを使用してもよいかもしれません。
さらに、写真が撮影された都市名(大阪, 横浜…)、または色彩 (green, pink, white…) などなど何でも思いつくものをタグとしていれてみましょう。