[Important] Apologies for the Server failure

Dear Cure WorldCosplayers,  (日本語はこちら)

Thank you so much for using Cure WorldCosplay.

We are very sorry for the Server Failure for over the last 2 weeks.

We are reported by the server hosting company, that they are giving us limited access on our site, so that they can work harder on its recovery.

We will keep you updated for more specific recovery schedule, as soon as we know more.

Please do not worry about the data you have uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay. We have confirmed to the server company that your data are all stored safe.

We keep discussing with the server hosting company to get our site back to normal as soon as possible and hope to see you uploading cosplay photos soon. We will keep you updated.

We are sincerely sorry for this issue and appreciate your waiting.

Sincerely yours,

Cure WorldCosplay