■KOIZUMI Negative Ion Reset Brush Experience Zone Report KOIZUMI

Cosplay Name:Chihiro Shosen
Character:Edward Scissorhands
Every time when I did the dancing video with a long wig, the wig will become so messy. Ah, every time I was thinking to buy a new wig…. and that’s why i would like to have a try the KOIZUMI Negative Ion Reset Brush. Start with hair ends. As the ends get smooth, gradually start brushing from little above. The wig become smoothly so quick. There are lot of good brushes as well, but this is the best one i have used. If you want the wig become smooth again, the only thing you have to do is to apply the Silicone spray on the tangled part then brush it. If you always have to use long wig, you have to try this brush!!

Cosplay Name :PAINS
Character:Gintoki Sakata
As I can’t brush the Gintoki’s wig, so I tried to brush the sample wig. Only brush for a few times and the wig became so smooth already.Although the brush is a bit expensive, if you can tackle money problem maybe this brush can be popular as the TANGLE TEEZER! Would like to have one!!