【World Cosplayer Collection #007】 – Elffi –


Today’s feature! Elffi   from Finland!🇫🇮

Eliifi was the Finland representative of the World Cosplay Summit 2011 (WCS). And of course you have to make your own props and costumes in order to join the WCS.

Eliffi make his own costumes and props!! And he can speak Japanese as well!! As he studied Japanese at Stockholm University for 3 years, Compare to English he seems like the Japanese more!!
You can tell he is quite tall in the photos but his height is 190cm, OMG!!! However, because of his height sometimes he just cant do some character he would like to cosplay..
He did a great Kagami Taiga cosplay tho> <

We have pick up 5 photos out of Elffi 198 photos which he uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay!!