【World Cosplayer Collection #008】- Chun –


Today’s feature! 君 (Chun) from Taiwan!🇹🇼

Oneesan & Prince Cosplayer > Chun!!! She mainly cosplay characters from Final Fantasy, Onmyoji (Mobile game) series, My hero academia and Touken Ranbu , etc.

She was invited to the Taipei Game Show as the official cosplayer for the 「100日美男宮殿」as Prince Louis !! Apart from this, she sometimes does the game steaming in facebook as well !

You can go check her facebook page for more ^^

We have pick up 5 photos out of Chun 569 photos which she uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay!!

◾️  LightingFinal Fantasy XIII

◾️ AoandonOnmyuji(Mobile game)

◾️  Hatsune Miku(雨夢樓)|VOCALOID