【World Cosplayer Collection #016】- Totoki YU –


Today’s feature! Totoki YU from Hong Kong. 🇭🇰

If I ask you about Totoki YU which character will you pop out of your head ?

To me… DEFINITELY  Miyasono Kaori from Your Lie in April and Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion!  

All of her photos and works are very impressive. No matter her pose, facial expression and the Composition.

And ・・・。 Totoki YU’s husband Yuri Totoki aslo a cosplayer ! Make me so jelly haha.

Not only cosplay photos, they also produce cosplay videos !!  These short film are very compelling and amazing, you can seeing their interpretation of the characters and works.

Please click the link below to check out their video^^
Fairy Tail- <Be As One> -Gray X Juvia Cosplay *Hit 390K views on Facebook!

And we have pick up 5 photos out of Totoki YU 296 photos which he uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay!!

◾️ Rei AyanamiNeon Genesis Evangelion


◾️ Kōsei Arima Your Lie in April


◾️ Kaga Azur Lane 


◾️  HakuSpirited Away


Visit  Totoki YU gallery from Here.

Thank you for reading! Browse more photos on Cure WorldCosplay <3 !!

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