【World Cosplayer Collection #022】 – Bellatrix Aiden –


Today’s feature!Bellatrix Aidenさんfrom Ukraine🇺🇦

Bellatrix Aiden have started cosplay since 2007  when she met friends which inspired her to participate in her first cosplay project.

「Cosplay is not just a hobby for me. It’s part of my life」she said. Can see how much she likes Cosplay^^

Cosplay is her passion. She always put her heart and soul into cosplay.

Thanks to cosplay she have met a lot of amazing people, started to travel around the world.

You can tell cosplay can actually make people changes ! of coz in a good way !

She also a big fan of anime, manga, TV shows, comics and games!

And she made her own costumes some time ! For example Nidalee from League of Legends, Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy VIII, Emma Frost from X-Men.

And we have pick up 10 photos out of Bellatrix Aiden 327 photos which she uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay!!

◾️ AhriLeague of Legends

◾️ Ann Takamaki Persona 5

◾️ Sheryl NomeMarcross FRONTIER

◾️ Momobami KirariKagekurui

◾️ Janna League of Legends

◾️Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI

◾️ Arturia PendragonFate/Grand Order

◾️ Michiru Kaioh Sailor Moon

◾️ Toujo Nozomi Lovelive!School idol project