【2019/5/16】Cure WorldCosplay Daily Ranking

Cure WorldCosplay Daily Ranking

Are you curious about the daily ranking ?!  Who is the top one of today?!

However, you can not see yesterday ranking as the daily ranking is keep updating everyday…

And this is the reason why we will make this article!!

Please feel free to take a look!!! ^^

You may see the trend of the cosplay community all around the world !

☆ 1st Pugoffka さん 🇷🇺

Sailor Pluto  Sailor moon 

☆ 2nd Yorui (夜翼)  🇭🇰

Jeanne D’Arc (Alter)|Fate/Grand Order

☆ 3rd Elda (Elda)さん 🇰🇷

Uzuki Shimamura Idolm@ster : Cinderella Girls

☆ 4th NETA (네타) さん 🇰🇷

Susabi |Onmyuji Mobile game 

☆ 5th riri (莉里) さん 🇯🇵

Tohsaka Rin  Fate/Grand Order

☆ 6th Hidori Rose (Hidori Rose) さん 🇷🇴

Haru Okumura Persona 5

☆ 7th Miharu さん 🇻🇳

Hatsune Miku VOCALOID

☆ 8th Tory (토리) さん  🇰🇷

Scáthach Fate/Grand Order

☆ 9th Rayle さん 🇧🇷

Krul Tepes Seraph of the end

☆ 10th Pulay さん  🇹🇭

Nitocris Fate/Grand Order


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