Fujikyu’s “Kinoha Hikari no Sato” is about to open, “NARUTO” room in the adjacent hotel

Fujikyu’s “Kinoha Hikari no Sato” is about to open

On the 26th of July in Yamanashi and Fujikyu Highland, an area will open with the theme of the anime “NARUTO” and “BORUTO-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” by Masashi Kishimoto.

The image of the village of Konoha Hidori where Naruto and Bolt live, and the same area as “NARUTO x BORUTO Fuji Konoha Hidari no Sato”. Six facilities including a museum and a photo studio are developed centering on the 3D shooting ride attraction “Science Shingo Dojo”. In addition, in the shop attached to the attraction exit, the sale of goods that designed the figure that members of Naruto et al.

At the ramen shop with the motif of “Iku-Raku” that appears in the film, in addition to the usual ramen, “Iku Ramen NARUTO Spiral Round Special (cotton candy with the image of Ishin Ramen) and the character of” Shinobu Five Great Country Ramen “and characters ) “” Sasuke ‘s “Fire Ball” spicy miso ramen (with flavored eyeballs). The sweets shop “Amami do” offers a variety of menu items such as “Bolt’s” Cheese Burger taiyaki “.

In addition, at the open space in front of the area entrance from 10:00 on the first day of the opening, an opening event will be held with Rika Adachi and Rika Ikoma as guests. Furthermore, in conjunction with the opening of the same area, the special Japanese room “Japanese Suite Room NARUTO” will appear in the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa adjacent to Fujikyu Highland. In addition, trains and buses with Naruto and Bolt drawn on Fuji Express Line and Chuo-do Express Bus. For details, check the official site of Fujikyu Highland.

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