[Facebook Live Interview] Philippines Cosplayer Katiecakey

FaceBook Live cosplayer interview

Today interview is [Katiecakey]

1) Cosplay or Covid-19 related situations in your country or local area.

Cosplay events have been cancelled since March, some events rescheduled to June but ultimately got cancelled and will probably be until the end of the year. The Philippines isn’t doing very well with regards to the pandemic, our lockdown/quarantine has been extended a couple of times until we went into GCQ (General community quarantine) which allows people to leave their homes except for people under 20 years old and people over 60 years old. However even now, me and most of the people I know refuse to go out just to be safe. My friends and I do voice chats or video chat to keep in touch with each other. Sometimes we do cosplay trials at home since we can’t go to conventions.

2) Your recent cosplay activity

My recent cosplay activity BEFORE this pandemic was Comic Fiesta in Malaysia and a local event here in the Philippines. After that, DURING this pandemic my recent cosplay activity is doing cosplay trials on my Twitch streams. I would play games with my viewers while I do cosplay or cosplay trials.

3) What do you want to do in terms of cosplay after the pandemic. (if you already have some on your mind)

First, after the pandemic I want to (already planning but just delayed because of pandemic) work on putting together a cosplay studio here in Manila because it is very rare here (I have to go to KL, Indonesia and Taiwan to do photoshoots at a cosplay studio) I want to be able to bring that kind of experience to my fellow Filipino cosplayers. Second, resume the cancelled cosplay group shoots, plans and photoshoots. Third, visit my cosplay friends in different countries like Larissa Rochefort.

4) Cheerful message to your fellow cosplayers, photographers, fans in quarantine

I would like to tell my fellow cosplayers, photographers, friends and fans to remember that STORMS DON’T LAST FOREVER. You may be having a hard time now but it’s not gonna be like that forever. Just keep doing your best, you’ll eventually be blessed with what you deserve.