[Facebook Live Interview] Taiwan Cosplayer Ryu-琉 & 竜-garuda

FaceBook Live cosplayer interview

Today interview is [Ryu-琉 & 竜-garuda]

1) Cosplay or Covid-19 related situations in your country or local area.

Taiwan is relatively safe now. Some event was postponed or canceled but most events are held as scheduled.

2) Your recent cosplay activity

One is taking photo with our cats for our next photobook XD
And the other is Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

3) What do you want to do in terms of cosplay after the pandemic. (if you already have some on your mind)

Really want to go foreign event. Cause the pandemic we olny can stay in Taiwan.
Taiwan is safe, pandemic dosen’t make much effects for me (about cosplay)

4) Cheerful message to your fellow cosplayers, photographers, fans in quarantine

All difficult moments will eventually pass, what we can do are avoid close contact and be alert for our symptoms.
Can use internet to share cosplay and keep in touch!