[Facebook Live Interview] Singapore Cosplayer Kiyo

FaceBook Live cosplayer interview

Today interview is [Kiyo]

1) Cosplay or Covid-19 related situations in your country or local area.

Hello everyone! I’m Kiyo from Singapore and I’m so glad to be a part of this. 😊 Due to the rising of COVID-19 cases locally since the end of March this year, my country was on partial lockdown. Most non-essential businesses had to close and it affected a lot of people and the local economy, but recently from June 19th businesses started opening again so we’re slowly getting used to how things are now and hopefully with everyone’s individual efforts we can curb this virus! Remember to wear a mask when you go out, minimise contact with others and wash your hands!! 😁

2) Your recent cosplay activity

I have been streaming a lot at home, both with games and cosplay as i know because of the virus most people are working from home or are staying put at home. As we cannot go out and do photoshoots or go to events, I want to do my part so that my fans and supporters have something to watch! Through this, we can be together online and still have fun! 😊

3) What do you want to do in terms of cosplay after the pandemic. (if you already have some on your mind)

I want to travel!! Originally i made some plans to visit overseas conventions this year but due to the virus, they had to be postponed. 😔 Excited to see the beautiful scenary in other countries and do cosplay photoshoots there!

4) Cheerful message to your fellow cosplayers, photographers, fans in quarantine

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re doing okay. It might be a tough time for you, me and everyone right now but we’ll make it through this together! ❤
Use this newfound time to learn or try new things: could be a language, cosplay makeup, play a new game? Do something that makes you happy! Stay safe, stay cautious, take care of yourself! 🥰 As for me, I’ll be continously doing what I can to entertain you guys so you don’t get bored at home, and prepare more cosplay content for you too! Until we meet again, I’ll be waiting~ ☺