How to Decorate your Icon with Cosplay Token Frame

Cosplay Token Icon decoration frame is available HERE !!

*It’s FREE but Twitter Login is required!

STEP 1:  

1) Go to icon Decotter 

2) The icon Decotter asks you to start with your Twitter

3) Tap Blue button to start 



1) Type Twitter username and password 

2) Tap Blue button to allow access to your Twitter



●Upload Image from your Twitter Icon –> Choose [Upload your Tw icon] 

●Upload Image from your device –> Choose [Upload from device]

  ==> tap [select file] to upload image. tap [Upload Icon] to start decoration: 


1) Find Cosplay Token Frame by tapping [Browse more] below

2) Keep tapping [Next 15] until you see Cosplay Token Frame

3) Choose Cosplay Token 


1) Adjust frame to fit Photo: 


– Apply the Icon by tapping [Apply to your Twitter Icon]

Looking forward to seeing ! Thank you for your support 🙂 !!