[Cosplay Token] How to Join COT group on telegram

Are you new to telegram?
Telegram is easy steps to join Cosplay Token telegram!

What is Cosplay Token?

Cosplay Token Project is aiming sustainable development of cosplay economy.

To achieve this, Cure WorldCosplay will issue Cosplay Token (COT) , which is to become de-facto currency of cosplay economy. Visit official site to learn more!


Download Telegram app if you have not.
▶︎▶︎▶︎ android   iPhone


Create Telegram account.

Once you did, please tap the URL below and it will open Cosplay Token group on telegram app.


Tap +JOIN to join Cosplay Token group.


You are now ready to start conversation on telegram. Enjoy cosplay related conversation inside the group 😀 !

Topic examples:
・conventions you recently participated
・your next cosplay
・promote your stage/event activity in the future
・costume you are making now
・your recommended anime
・promote your cosplay product

How to invite your friends directly : 
1.  Be sure that your friend is in your smartphone’s phonebook. (cell# is necessary to invite someone)
2.  Ask your friends to create telegram account
3.  Open Cosplay Token Group, tap COT icon

4.  Invite your friends by tapping add members

Thank you!

If you have any troubles, feel free to contact admin inside the telegram group 😀