CureCosplayCollection is looking for cosplayers for Otaku Summit 2015

On Saturday, March 28th 2015, we’re having CureCosplayCollection at Otaku Summit 2015 which is being held at Makuhari Messe.

We’re looking for cosplayers to walk on the World Stage as a part of our CureCosplayCollection performance. If you’re interested, please contact us.

What’s the World Stage?
It’s the name of the stage at Otaku Summit 2015 and we’ll be holding a cosplay performance similar to a fashion show which involves cosplayers walking and posing across the stage.

・Cosplayers who can attend the same-day stage training (Transportation expenses will not be provided)
・Cosplayers who have accounts at WorldCosplay
・Cosplayers cannot be associated with professional studios, acts, etc. unless their association approves of their individual attendance of CureCosplayCollection.
・Companions that attend with cosplayers must be interpreters.

・Be punctual.
・Cosplayers must be changed by noon and must attend the same-day stage training.
・Outfits that represent or bear a great resemblance to police, military, defense force, firefighters, security guards, and related outfits are prohibited. Exceptions include characters featured in manga, anime, light novels. Please talk with us first.
・On stage, there are no length or size limits to your cosplay props, however during the event itself you must follow the general cosplay rules and size limits if any.
・Props that include knives, sharp objects, real swords, working airsoft guns, and other dangerous objects are prohibited.
・Clothing that will leave marks (such as makeup or fake blood that isn’t dry) on the stage are prohibited.
・Confetti, flower petals, and other objects used to scatter across the stage are prohibited. Fire crackers that have the strings still attached when fired, objects that can recollect itself, and related objects are acceptable.
・Use of fire or liquids on stage is prohibited.
・Throwing of snacks, objects, or anything at the audience is prohibited.
・Cosplays that show a high degree of skin are prohibited. Under short skirts, please wear tights, underskirts, or body shapers.