つきましては「Cure」サービス終了に伴い、世界のコスプレフォト投稿サイト「WorldCosplay」(の名称を「Cure – WorldCosplay」へと名称変更します。



2015年11月 投稿画像一括インポートの提供
2015年12月日 画像投稿サービス停止
2016年3月16日 メッセージ(テキスト形式)ダウンロード
2016年3月末 Cureサービス終了
2016年4月末 画像移行及びメッセージテキストのダウンロードサービス終了


・コス友情報 (※2

※2 WorldCosplayでCure連携することでCureコス友のWorldCosplay利用状況の確認とフォローが可能です。





Hello everyone and thanks for using Cure.

Cure launched in 2001 and has been lovingly supported by the cosplay community, making us your home as a cosplay community website. Cure’s service will end on March 31st 2016.

To continue supporting the cosplay community, Cure is going to merge with our sister website, international cosplay photo platform, WorldCosplay ( and will retain the WorldCosplay layout and visual.

The new merged website will called “Cure – WorldCosplay” and we will continue to update the site as usual.

Cure’s history in Japan spans 14 years and we’re grateful for all of the support we’ve had in and outside Japan. Now we’ll become a bigger, better site that will connect the worlds’ cosplayers.

We want to continue being the place you come to for all your cosplay needs. Looking forward to the future together.

■ Cure service closing schedule
November 2015 – WorldCosplay will offer a function that will allow you to batch import all your Cure photos. *1
November 2015 – Uploading new photos will be disabled on Cure.
February 2016 – Messaging and other social networking functions on Cure will disabled.
End of March 2016 – (Old) Cure service ends.

*1: By connecting your Cure and WorldCosplay accounts, you’ll be able to submit your all your Cure photos in a batch to WorldCosplay. (Function will be added in November.)

【What can I get from Cure?】
・The cosplay photos you uploaded to Cure can be imported into WorldCosplay (Select photos to show publicly).
・Download messages (In text format)

【Things that can’t transfer】
・Footprints (Who you’ve visited and who visited you)
・Cosplay activity records
・Photo Comments
・Fanclub info
・Cos Friends info *2
・Access reports

*2 If you connect your WorldCosplay and Cure accounts, you can see the CosFriends you had from Cure and check if they use WorldCosplay. You can then follow them through WorldCosplay.

If you have any questions about your account conversion or others, please send us a support ticket.

Cure Support

Thanks for all the support and let’s meet at the new Cure – WorldCosplay!

Cure Inc.
Cure Staff