New Changes Announcement / リニューアルに関するお知らせ

Thank you everyone for using WorldCosplay! In mid-March, new changes will come to WorldCosplay. Please read below for more information. *日本語は英語の後に続きます。

1. Logo Change

WorldCosplay’s logo will now show Cure WorldCosplay. In case you didn’t know, Cure is the company running WorldCosplay.

スクリーンショット 2014-02-21 13.32.14

2. Domain Name Change

We’re changing WorldCosplay’s web domain. Your new Cure WorldCosplay username and password will be the same as your WorldCosplay account. If you’ve bookmarked or favorited the old URL, please update it to the new one. Thanks for using Cure WorldCosplay!

Old domain :
New domain :

■Mobile URL
Old domain :
New domain :

Note: If you access the old domain, you will be redirected to the new domain.

3. New Function Releases for Mobile WorldCosplay

We’re releasing a bunch of new functions for the mobile version of WorldCosplay.

■New Layout
You can view cosplay photos with much larger clarity on your mobile device with our new layout.


■Instant Photo Upload
Now you can upload casual and spontaneous photos on a whim. After you upload your photo, it will automatically be deleted from your timeline after 24 hours. Non-cosplayer accounts can also upload instant photos. Note: Comments or likes numbers may still be viewable on the timeline for up to a week. Cosplay photos can still be uploaded as usual from the web browser version of the website.


The cosplayers you follow and the instant photos you upload to WorldCosplay will be collected on your personal timeline in chronological order. You can also view it from My Page.