Interview #001 -Photographer Haru Kudō –

We are starting interview series from today!  (※日本語版はこちら)

Our first guest is Japanese photographer in the front line, Haru Kudō.
He used to be a cosplayer, and now he takes photos drawing on his cosplay experience!

Welcome Haru-san!
How did you become a photographer and how long it’s been since you started your career as photographer?
>>>When I was trying to create one work of the cosplayers, my friends lead me to such an attractive world of photography. I was totally hooked on it from then on, and it’s been about 3years. (as of Sep. 2017)

What is your main activities as a photographer?
Portrait mostly at fashion events and pet portrait for business. When I take cosplay photos I spend much time on its composition and background setting including props setting .

Which Camera do you use most often?
1DX-MarkⅡ by Canon. All 6 cameras of mine are Canon’s product.

Any advice for choosing camera??
First thing I’d see is whether it’s not too heavy to carry for everyday use. I always want it with me for the “exciting” moment and it’s most important for me to capture the “exciting” moment by myself  🙂