Interview #002 -Cosplayer, Sai-

Cosplayer Interview  -Sai (菜)-


Hi There!! In Japan, the popular TV program “Friday rode show ” is running Harry Potter Movie Series for 4 weeks in a row. Thinking of Harry Potter and Cosplay, she just came to my mind! We hope you enjoy her interview 🙂


・When did you start cosplaying as Harry Potter?

It was 4 years ago. I was cosplaying as Rantarō of Nintama Rantarō  and my friend told me I look like Harry Potter. I was already a big fan of the movie and book, but I never cosplayed as any character from 3D, because I have not even come up with the idea of non-anime character cosplay until then.

・Any cosplay tips?

I compare my face with the character face, objectively. And I fill the difference by putting on makeup, one by one. That’s how I’ve learned make up!


・Do you have anything you are particular about Cosplay?

Actually a lot 😛 !

First make me look natural not only on photos! For example, for Harry Potter I do not use eyeliner. When I choose contract lens, I choose the one not too bright,  not too big.

(*You can find more at the bottom of this article with some photos)

And face expression.

If I focus on making myself look beautiful, it’s probably the same kind of expression at the same kind of angle, though it is still important.

Try to make different face expression for each character! I believe it’s more enjoyable for people who look at  my photos! Last but not least, love!  It’s so important that I love the title, or character. It’s essential

・Your favorite make up tools? 

Brush is so important to me. I have total 10 different brushes. lol For Harry Potter’s eye brow, I use 5 of them!!!

・How do you choose a character to cosplay? 

First of all, it has to be from my very favorite title. If it’s gathering, I respect my partner’s favorite too! And then, from my own experience, I think of what character may suits me more, by its hair, face etc. It is eventually how much I like it though. My love = my motivation, so again it’s most important 🙂

・Who is your favorite cosplay character?

Harry Potter, needless to say, but I believe you want to hear someone else.  So let me say  Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist that I finally cosplayed for the first time recently.

It was gathering and my friend was as Winry Rockbell. The following photo is taken by her in Winry’s costume, and is my very favorite with good memory!

・Who was your first cosplay? 

Jirō Akutagawa of Prince of Tennis.

My friend had a costume and I just felt like cosplaying someone from the same title and join the gathering. Never thought I would be  into Cosplay this much, at that time.

・What’s your recent favorite things?

I love Nintendo games such as Pokémon and Kirby so much, but these are not easy for Cosplay. I’m interested in cosplaying Fantastic Beasts!

・Photographer you recommend? 

ICHI who often takes photo of me cosplaying!

● Zan Woo who takes cool photos and is also a cosplayer!

・Recommended Cosplayers? 

Meisha, my friend who does ever changing make up, and working hard on performance these days!

Yukimasa, who first told me I look similar to Harry! and who has outstanding taste of photo and huge love for Hetalia.

・When do you feel it was good to be a cosplayer? 

I’ve met a lot of great friends that I met through cosplay. My lifetime treasure. This exciting feelinthat I’m having all thanks to them!! I was also surprised to find myself similar to Harry’s look. I’d never find it out by myself. 

I’ve looked at my face and Harry’s face over and over, and now I’m experiencing so-called “Gestaltzerfall”..!

And I am honored to be interviewed like this. 

* The photo above/left is Sai.  ..Could you tell? 

How do you describe Cosplay ? 

Cosplay can fulfill our desire for recognition. I us

ed to feel embarrassed or did not feel right that I have such kind of desire, because I am just a cosplayer, nothing special.

But I feel different when I am cosplaying as Harry for example. Complex that I am always having disappears, and I love myself (not too much like narcissist) through the character.

Cosplay is amazing, if somebody took just one great photo of me, it makes me so happy & excited, and make me feel like I am somebody else for a moment. And it is really fun! When somebody even tells me he/she likes my photo, I can fly..!:D

I think other cosplayers would understand this kind of feeling that word cannot explain good enough..? We are all working hard for the moment 🙂

・Message for those who wants to start cosplay or about to:

Cosplay has a variety of ways to enjoy!

Please find your own way to enjoy it and find a good cosplay friends!

Sharing makes your cosplay even more enjoyable!

In addition 😀

From Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 
to      Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets :

✔︎ Design of tie

✔︎ V-Neck sweater’s V shape

✔︎ Bigger emblem

✔︎ Wool robe that keeps me warm