Interview #002 -Cosplayer, Sai-

Cosplayer Interview  -Sai (菜)-


Hi There!! In Japan, the popular TV program “Friday rode show ” is running Harry Potter Movie Series for 4 weeks in a row. Thinking of Harry Potter and Cosplay, she just came to my mind! We hope you enjoy her interview 🙂


・When did you start cosplaying as Harry Potter?

It was 4 years ago. I was cosplaying as Rantarō of Nintama Rantarō  and my friend told me I look like Harry Potter. I was already a big fan of the movie and book, but I never cosplayed as any character from 3D, because I have not even come up with the idea of non-anime character cosplay until then.

・Any cosplay tips?

I compare my face with the character face, objectively. And I fill the difference by putting on makeup, one by one. That’s how I’ve learned make up!


・Do you have anything you are particular about Cosplay?

Actually a lot 😛 !

First make me look natural not only on photos! For example, for Harry Potter I do not use eyeliner. When I choose contract lens, I choose the one not too bright,  not too big.

(*You can find more at the bottom of this article with some photos)