Nipponbashi Street Festa 2018, Official Information for Participants

Nipponbashi Streest Festa Event Date: Sunday, March 18th, 2018
Dressing rooms for Cosplayers are as below:

Ladies’ dressing room:Kitanitto Fureai Park, Nitto primary school
Gentlemen’s dressing room:Kitanitto Fureai Park

Dressing Room Open Hours:  10am – 5:30pm
★Please be sure that you have enough time to change before it’s close.

All participants in cosplay are required to wear “Cosplay Participant Pass (wristband type)” on their wrist, and all the participants for photo shooting are required to wear “Photographing Participant Pass” around their neck.

Please read through the Participation Terms carefully and agree, before you participate the event.

◎Cosplayers Participation Terms (*Cosplayers can photo shoot)

◎Photographers Participation Terms

◎Area Map

Cosplayers Participation Terms

*Please make sure that you agree the followings before you participate.
Year by year more people participate the festival, however the number of participants increases, manners and morals are required for everyone to enjoy. This will be a proof that both cosplayers and photographers agree with the following terms, and would help us to operate a safe festival. Thank you for your cooperation.
Inside the cosplay area, please be sure to put your participation pass where everyone can see.

【General Participation Notes】
●When you take Photos of Cosplayers, please be sure to take it in the festival area. Some areas of the festival, such as private property, in front of the stores, on the street, prohibit taking photos.
●For safety reasons, please take your attentions to the following behavior/ things. 1) You must pay for any damage to property/things 2) You may not take illegal things with you, such as a real sword, blunt instruments, and Obscene Objects. 3) You may not be eating or smoking outside of designated areas. 4) Do not do things that majority of people would feel unpleasant or annoyed, such as breaking out into violent language loudly, or public speech.
●There will be a lot of people, so please beware of pick-pocket and other crime, in case you see someone in trouble or you are in trouble, please let our staff know.
●Handing out flyers, putting signboard for promotion/business, or any promotion activities with strong political message or survey, are prohibited without prior approval.
●Making noise, chorus, music performance or racing the engine are prohibited.
●Children at grade 6 and under need a guardian to participate with.
●Please avoid hanging around the private property, public bathroom, dressing room, stores, or other places which hinder their business.
●Drone or any other similar unmanned flying objects may not be brought in, controlled anywhere near the festival.
●Please follow the festival staff’s instruction for smooth operation.