Special Column: Lolita in Russia 

Lolita in Russia

Once I was asked:
Lolita is a part of cosplay or not? It is first time I thought about it. I like this style a long time ago and there is a community of lolitas in the Far East in my city. And on our behalf I tried to find out the opinion of all those present.
Unfortunately, not all Lolites could come, nevertheless we had fun and I learned everything that interested me.

1. Dante

I got acquainted with the Lolita style from 2012, I accidentally saw a photo of Japanese Lolita on the Internet, I liked it, decided to find out what it is, realized that it was very close to me. Some consider the Lolita style as part of cosplay.

And I believe that this is fundamentally not the right opinion, this is a separate independent direction of Japanese street fashion, with its traditions.

2. Isis Blue Fire

I have been fond of this style for already 7 years. At first I got interested in photos of girls in beautiful dresses, then I began to search more information about the style, different directions and canons in clothes.