Improved Commenting System and Notifications(updated) / コメント返信と通知の強化(更新)

To improve experience on Cure WorldCosplay, we’ve made the following changes.


1. Comment Replies
Users will now get notified when someone replies to their comments.

2. Improved Notifications
Up until now you had to visit Cure WorldCosplay to get notifications.
We’ve now allowed the following to be notified by email:

・When you receive a message
・When a work is rated
・When work gets commented on
・When a character tag gets approved

*Change your email notification preferences under Settings > Email Notification Settings.

Try it now on Cure WorldCosplay!


Cure WorldCosplayをより使いやすく利用してもらうために下記の対応を行いました。


2. 通知の強化


※メール通知の送信設定は「設定 > メール通知設定」より変更できます。

Cure WorldCosplayを使ってみよう!