Tatsumi’s Cosplay Column vol.51 Introduction of「Register new series and character」Function on SmartPhone

Hi there! I am Tatsumi from Cure WorldCosplay.

Last time we introduced Collectionfunction.
And this time we will introduce another function to you guys !

Register new series and character!!
Basically, Register new series and characterfunction is only work on the PC version.
However, I believe there are more smartphone users nowadays.
Therefore, I will teach you how toRegister new series and characteron smartphone.


Press the「CureWorldCosplay」logo and back to the top page.
Scroll to the bottom. Tap the「View Desktop Version」button to switch to the PC version.


Tap the「Upload」on the upper right hand side while logged in.


Since we designate a new series name this time, so please choose the 「Search by series」(If you tap “◎Search by series name” it is complete)


Let’s enter the name of the series you want to register. After you enter the name please tag the 「Add series」.


The screen become dark for a second, please don’t be afraid you just have to scroll the screen up and you will see the input windows.
Tap the 「Search」. Then confirm are there is no duplicate series name already registered, and press the「Create」.


Next, enter the 「character name」and press「Search」button. Then confirm are there is no duplicate character name already registered. and press the「Create」. If more than 1 person, you can start from step 3. 


When it shown the series name and character name & the right hand side appear the green little tick, it means that you have successfully register a new series and character.  

【Bonus】How do go back to the smartphone version from the PC version? 

Press the「CureWorldCosplay」logo and back to the top page.
Then Press the “smartphone” mark at the top center to change to the smartphone version.
In case it is difficult to tap, you may pinching out and enlarging the screen.

When you want to upload you new favorite Anime and manga, Don’t forgot to try the 「Register new series and character」function! 

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