【World Cosplayer Collection #012】- Cecinee –


Today’s feature! Cecinee from Germany!!🇩🇪

She have started cosplay since 2013.

Apart from cosplayer, she also active as a photographer and Photoshop artist.

Her photography skills and photoshop skill is so amazing which make her created a lot of brilliant cosplay works!

And please look at the first photo…. Her Inori Yuzuriha look so real!!!!!!!! Just look like she walking out from the 2D world 💓

Also, her favourite characters to cosplay are Final Fantasy characters ~ Her next cosplan will be Rosa Joanna Farrell from Final Fantasy IV and Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden.

Can’t wait for these photos !!!

We have pick up 5 photos out of Cecinee 122 photos which she uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay!!

◾️ Inori YuzurihaGuilty Crown

◾️ NanaElfen Lied

◾️ DeedlitRecord of Lodoss War

◾️ Shiro Yoshiwara Adekan

◾️ Gai TsutsugamiGuilty Crown

Visit Cecinee gallery from here.

Thank you for reading! Browse more photos on Cure WorldCosplay <3 !!

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