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Today’s feature!Y.yveさんfrom Hong Kong🇭🇰

Speaking of Y.yve さん、the first thing come to my hand is the cosplay of League of Legends – Jinx!

Not only because she did the shoot with a famous cosplay photographer, but also the expression of herself!

Jinx cosplay is definitely one of her master piece !

What make her cosplay so special? I’m sure it’s her love toward the character,

if you are not familiar with the character, it will be so hard to look like that character !

Y.yve さん, she is also a make up artist, you can see her make up and body paint is so brillant! 💕

Recently, she did the Alita from「Alita: Battle Angel」,
You should not miss this > face paint  x CG x Cosplay short movie!!!

影片出來了❤❤❤記得按高清HD Fighting For Justice!每一個努力的成果 都是由一班人努力付出得來特別是幕後人員的付出很多人都會遺忘了這絕不是一個人的功勞希望大家日後會更尊重幕後人員跟技術人員這目的也造就了我這次的ALITA我的ALITA團隊有畫了4小時超精細BODYPAINT 的噴槍小王子ALEX兩天時間就造起了大馬士革刀的RAY&上色超美的AYA @moonters有wilson每次都快速準確的拍攝還有最辛苦的CG跟VIDEOMAN DOUFAI&SING最後當然是原本只是化妝師但也走到了幕前當ALITA的我小小的7人幕後團隊 因為熱血因為原則因為態度造就了我們都很喜歡的作品世上沒有免費的午餐 也沒有不勞而獲的事總是在利用別人以自己利益為大前提的人 大家還是會知道的希望大家看到幕後人員的努力 欣賞他們的成果 分享支持Alita · Fighting For JusticeCN Y.yve 林 歪歪Bodypaint Alex Yiu Make Up & Body Art 匠魂國Props Moonster CreationStudio SPACE.LABVideo & CG 道輝 Kwok Sing ChungPhotography Wilsoncosplayphoto #alita #battleangel #fox #bigbigeyes #bodypaint #props #steampunk #DamascusBlade #銃夢 #艾莉塔 #戰鬥天使 #大馬士革刀 #大眼妹 #狂戰士

Y.yve 林 歪歪さんの投稿 2019年2月23日土曜日

And we have pick up 10 photos out of YY 115 photos which he uploaded on Cure WorldCosplay!!

◾️ Jinx League of Legends 

◾️ harley quinn Batman 

◾️  Katarina League of Legends 

◾️ Neferpitou HUNTER×HUNTER 

◾️Suzuya Jūzō Tokyo Ghoul  

◾️ harley quinn Batman 

◾️ Jinx League of Legends 

◾️ Original Character Original 

◾️ hirayuri Hime ZONE-00 

◾️ Toujo Nozomi Lovelive!School idol project 

Visit YY gallery from Here.

Thank you for reading! Browse more photos on Cure WorldCosplay <3 !!

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