Cosplay Collection Night @ Tokyo Game Show 2019 cosplay performance team recruitment

We are looking for performers who want to take part in the Japan largest cosplay stage – Tokyo Game Show 2019「Cosplay Collection Night」.
As all the future communications will be in Japanese, so please make sure at least one of the team mates who can understand Japanese or a collaborator who is fluent in Japanese.

【Cosplay Collection Night @TGS2019 detail】
Date:14th September, 2019 (Sat) 18:30〜20:00(Plan)
Venue:Makuhari Messe
Event:Tokyo Game Show 2019 Special Stage

【COSPLAY COLLECTION NIGHT Entry qualifications】
1.Afford to pay for your own accommodation, Airfares, all the others expense.
2.All members have nationality other than Japanese nationality
3.All performers must be members of Cure WorldCosplay and has published 3 or more cosplay images on Cure WorldCosplay.
4.Have to register the team account in the Cure WorldCosplay.
5.There is no interpreter available on the management side, so a member who can communicate in Japanese or an interpreter assistant is required.
6.Those who can submit submissions on time.
7.Cosplay as game character ※1
8.Those who take part in team(Please make sure the team is configure with 10 people or less including 2 cosplayer or above, helper/supporter/interpreter)
9.Age(As CCN is a night show, people who under 16 years old are prohibited)
10.Those who can take part the rehearsal on 14th Sept, 2019 (Sat) Morning at the Makuhari Messe. ※2

※1 There is no problem with domestic and foreign platforms. However, please refrain from adult game titles. Moreover, you CAN NOT enter in the following titles.
・Fate Series
・Touken Ranbu(刀剣乱舞)
・Identity V(第5人格)

※2 It is necessary that more than 2/3 of the team member to participate in rehearsal. Leader is also required to participate.

【Stage Regulation】
1. Stage performance time is up to 90 seconds, including coming out from stage left and back to the back stage thought stage right.
2.There will be no “Blackout” ※3 and take positions on stage before performance.
3.You are asked to hand in the performance title and team description for MC’s comments.
4.Swords, working air guns and gas guns are prohibited.
5.High explosive sound is prohibited.
6.Using fire or water is prohibited.
7.Action will causes a mess on stage is prohibited. (Confetti and other things to throw, party sprays, etc.) Crackers which do not explode are allowed.
8.Props and item that require special makeup and painting at the venue are prohibited. (Freshly-pained props and fake blood makeup are prohibited.)
9. Appearance from the Stage right is prohibited.
10.Fixed props on stage is prohibited.
11.Throwing items to audience or out of the stage area, or getting off in the audiences etc. is prohibited.
12.The Back Screen cannot be used.
13.Sound sources that can be used are Dwango-defined music or copyright free sound sources only ※4
14.Sounds edited based on original songs (cutting/pasting, adjusting pitch, etc.) is prohibited.
15.Microphone cannot be used.
16.Smoke cannot be used.

※3 Blackout…an act to darken in the stage.
※4 Dwango-defined music list:

Leader (the Team Representative)please send the below information in English or Japanese to the below URL.
In the case of many participating teams, the participating teams will be determined by lottery.

◆entry form◆

●Team Name
●WorldCosplay No. of the Team
●Cosplay Name of the Team Representative
●WorldCosplay No. of the Team Representative
●First Application game title
●Second Application game title

【Recruitment capacity】
4 Team

30th May, 2019(Thurs)18:00(Japan Standard Time)

【Selection Criteria】
In case of many applicants, a lottery system.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact Cure WorldCosplay.
Cure Cosplay Collection Management Office