Interview #003 Costume & Props Maker -Gogatsu Usagi-

Interview #003 Costume&Props Maker: Gogatsu Usagi

*read in Japanese

Today’s interview is Costume/Props Maker, Gogatsu Usagi !

Let’s take a look at the world of her costume making! 🙂


Master of “Balance” to reproduce 2D  design!! 

She’s especially particular about its its balance between the costume/armor and her client. She takes great attention to the details to create a wonderful costume for each client. 

For Costume, use utility knife instead of scissor !!

Said it’s better to cut off the edge of cloth beautifully by utility knife.

Always seeking perfection  

At TGS 2017, she created a weapon for Japanese famous actor, Ken Matsudaira. 

Here’re some of what she has created! You will be surprised! 🙂


Atelier Usagi
Atelier Usagi is a website operated by Gogatsu Usagi. You can order custom made cosplay costume, props and weapons here. 
You can find her on Twitter !

Thanks for reading.

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